Sales, Simplified.

Act on guided, data based decisions to drive sales, develop your team, and increase revenue.

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Quadrant illustration.
"I'm blown away at the power of this tool. Never have I had the ability to see this much detail so simply and know exactly how to improve sales every month. We went from 44% of our team hitting quota to 83% in just 3 months."

- VP of Sales at Merlin

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Increase revenue.
Identify highest ROI activities for each sales rep immediately with predictable return
Simplify sales management.
Provide sales leaders a single source to view production and note coaching interactions
Predictable revenue.
Identify deficiencies in current production immediately

Improve Sales in 3 Simple Steps

Decide how you want to measure success
See how your sales team is performing
Receive targeted guidance aimed at increasing sales
  • Outstanding:
  • Recognition
  • Opportunity
  • Help others
  • At Risk:
  • Exceptionally skilled
  • Luck (referrals, territory, time of year)
  • False data
  • Promising:
  • Bought in
  • Not skilled enough
  • Coachable
  • Needs Discussion:
  • New hire
  • Lazy
  • Not engaged

Predict Revenue

Using the What-if Calculator allows you to see how adjustments in a reps production increase revenue.

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What if calculator.
Sale process health pipeline summary.

Assess effectiveness of Coaching

Once a coaching interaction has occurred, it is critical to know the effectiveness of coaching. DataBased has data visualization to help know the impact.

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Increase Accountability and Documentation

Keep a detailed interaction record of what efforts were made for an individual representative and follow up on goals and objectives.

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Manager interaction.

Give your sales reps the power to reach their full potential.

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