Improve Sales in 3 Simple Steps


Decide how you want to measure success


See how your sales team is performing


Receive targeted guidance aimed at increasing sales

Understand All 3 Dimensions Of Sales

Modern sales leaders understand the need to focus on all three dimensions of sales. These are effort, skill, and quota attainment. DATABASED is the first platform that provides clarity on all three.

Great results come from a great solution

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DATABASED is the reason they have gone from less than 20% of reps hitting quota to over 66% this year.

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Podium is using DATABASED as a core component of their post-COVID sales recovery plan

How can Databased help?


Identify highest ROI activities for each sales rep immediately with predictable return

Provide sales leaders a single source to view production and note coaching interactions

ROI activities

Identify deficiencies in current production immediately

Visualize Effort and Success

The Quadrant allows you to quickly see how your rep’s effort correlates to their revenue.

Predict Revenue

Using the What-if Calculator allows you to see how adjustments in a reps production increase revenue.

Assess effectiveness of Coaching

Once a coaching interaction has occurred, it is critical to know the effectiveness of coaching. DATABASED has data visualization to help know the impact.

Receive Targeted Skill Analysis For Each Team

Keep a detailed interaction record of what efforts were made for an individual representative and follow up on goals and objectives.

Seamless Integrations

Clients loved how DATABASED can easily be integrated with their CRM or data lake.

Continuous improvement

We listen to our clients and release additional solutions each quarter to enhance efficiency.

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