Here's what you get with DataBased

Data Visualization

Our software interprets your team's numbers and displays performance reports with easy-to-understand visualization tools.

Revenue Estimates

After assessing your team, we estimate how much your revenue will increase if you fix specific problems.

Targeted Trainings

Our system pinpoints your employees’ weaknesses and offers targeted trainings to meet each person’s needs.

Expert Content

The training modules we provide were built on years of experience building successful sales organizations.

Your CRM provides the numbers. We provide the rest.

Our pattern is proven

By developing successful sales teams, we learned the best ways to evaluate and improve sales reps. We identified key skills that every rep should master. Better yet, we learned how to pinpoint and solve the problem if a sales rep is struggling.

The result? Increased revenue, improved employee confidence, and successful teams.

Focus on what matters

All too often, leaders think one-dimensionally. Are my employees reaching their quotas? Yes? Great. No? Work on closing more sales.

In reality, there’s much more to success in sales. Some of your top-performing sales reps may be at risk of diminishing sales. Or you may have sales reps with an outstanding work ethic that lack the skills to succeed.

Our state-of-the-art software helps you–

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